Hola Space Cadets

mascara mustache?

Heeeeeeellllo readers. Welcome to my blog. My name is Amber and I will be your makeup guru and DIY fashion expert while you are visiting my blog.  Soon to come will be DIY shirts, accessories, etc. I’ll also feature some makeup reviews, looks, and hauls. For you gentlemen not interested in my blog, I hope my comedic videos will still keep you here! You can also just share my blog with your female friends, girlfriend, mom, grandma, etc. I hope you all enjoy my picture above with my mascara mustache. Mustaches = Greatness. I started being interested in beauty and fashion after I graduated high school. I came across a couple YouTube videos and found a whole different side of the website that I fell in love with. If you take just a little bit of time you can change just a plain item into something fantastic and new. Feel free to follow my personal twitter, located on the right of my posts. Thanks for stopping by!




3 thoughts on “Hola Space Cadets

  1. Great idea, and awesome job so far. Remember to use links and images in all posts – seems like your topic really lends itself to both. Use social media to promote your posts and get ideas on topics, and of course, follow similar blogs and comment, comment, comment!

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