HI 🙂 I apologize about my lack of posts, I’ve had a lot going on lately  but I’m back! I went on a little shopping adventure today….I didn’t want to spend money but I did. 😦 But….Everything I purchased today was on sale and I had a coupon! So I feel a little better…my bank account still hates me though. Charming Charlie and Ulta are right next to each other, so I feel like if I go into one store….I have to go into the other! I got some great goodies today, I hope you all like this haul.

BountiFULL Lashes Mascara – $10.00
Voluptuous Volume Mascara – $10.00
Automatic Eyeliner in “Primrose” – $6.00
Automatic Eyeliner in “Black” – $6.00
Matte Lipstick “248” – $8.00
Matte Lipstick “246” – $8.00

Flower earrings – $2.99
Heart bracelet – $4.99
Watch – $7.99
iPhone case – $1.99

I hope you all enjoyed my haul! Charming Charlie has a sale online and in store until Monday, and Ulta had a “two for 10” sale on all of their items! Enjoy 😉



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