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♡Organization is Key♡

Over my 6 years of using makeup, I have acquired an unbelievable amount ….I still need more! 😉 I invested in some great organizers this weekend. I feel extremely accomplished after cleaning my entire makeup area! I also cleaned my makeup brushes, and they were drying as I was organizing all of my products. (Time-Saver Trisha over here). The first thing I did was clear absolutely everything off my vanity. I had a trashbag handy and got rid of all of that first. I put all of my products into separate makeup bags.  I used a dust rag to collect all of the dust/old makeup off my vanity. Then using windex, I cleaned the whole counter and the mirror. I placed my organizers on each end of my vanity. I also found some old containers to hold my nail polish and I used a toothbrush holder to hold some of my brushes. It took me about 1 1/2 hours to finish this project, but I’m really happy with the result!

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Looks GREAT. I love it! Now that I’m so organized, I can buy more makeup ;). I posted a video of the final result on my instagram. I bought the organizers from Target for $8.99 each, and the toothbrush holder for $6.99. I hope you all like what I did with my makeup area! Happy Makeuping! ♡



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