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Hair essentials for Summer

Hiiiiiiiii –

It’s summer and I live in central Texas, It gets hot, humid and literally hellish. I have naturally wavy hair, so maintaining it can be quite a pain. Everyone knows putting heat on your hair is bad for you. During the summer time, it’s pretty much pointless to straighten your hair because it’ll frizz up due to humidity.

My holy grail of all summer hair items has come down to Sea Salt spray. Sea salt spray refreshes your hair and helps it stay controlled during the humidity. I spray it all over my hair and then scrunch the ends.

I use two different kinds of spray, the Marc Anthony Dream Waves spray and the Moroccan Sea Salt spray.

The March Anthony spray smells like coconut and the Moroccan Sea spray smells like fruit! There is no need to add any other product to your hair after using these items. The sprays are ideal for all hair types and lengths.

Let me know if y’all end up using these, they are both failry cheap and can be find at online or instore at Ulta. I haven’t checked but they might be at Walmart or HEB aswell.

dream-waves-beach-spray2 seasaltspray

DreamWaves: $8.99
MoroccanSeaSalt: $7.99

xo, AMBZ


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