OOTD – SummerTime Vibe <3

Texas has intense heat… 100 degree weather on repeat 24/7. It stays this way between the summers of April until November. We get a small “winter” which is about 2 weeks, MAYBE 3. You probably think I am crazy for wearing these pants during this time, but these are flowy and so so so so comfortable. During these hot months, comfort is everything. I can almost guarantee you will be sweating if you set foot outside, and unless you are a hermit crab and don’t leave your house, you need to be cautious what you wear!

I have 3 pairs of what people call ‘genie’ pants. They’re flowy almost everywhere, with a tight waistband at your hips. You can wear them as high or low as you want. With crop tops, I wear these higher. Viceversa when I wear longer shirts. I purchased these from Target for $19.99.
FullSizeRender (1) IMG_5250 Close Up of patternThe tank top is a simple blue tank from Forever 21. I have a million of these! They are cotton and super comfortable and light. Definitely a staple to have in your closet ! Forever 21 has plenty of colors available for your choosing. They are only $1.90.

The pants aren’t see through, but they are thin, so watch what type of underwear you choose to wear underneath them. Like I said, they are flowy almost every wear but they do cling to your booty area! So try them on and see how you like the fit before you purchase them. They also have pockets!!!!!! I’m sorry but I’m a sucker for pockets. I love dresses with pockets and when I found out these have pockets I was so excited. Since these are thin, don’t go carrying your whole life in your pocket, stick to your purse of clutch on this one, and use your pockets for small items such as your keys or lip color.

I hope you all like this look and grab yourself some genie pants!

Ambz ❤

P.S. Who’s liking the new domain name? . com is in full effect 😉


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