I’ve been neglecting my website. I’m sorry y’all.

At this time in my life I have been experiencing a lot of change. The change has been good and bad, mostly good though. If someone asked me to list all of the things that have changed in the past 6 months I would take forever to name all of them and I honestly have forgotten some of the changes (that were for the bad, so it doesn’t really matter)

These past few months I have really strengthened my relationships with my close friends. When I look back at all of these people, I feel incredibly blessed. I know that sounds extremely cliche, but I really don’t know how else I am supposed to say it. I have been through some hellish events in my past and a lot of these friends have dug me out. Some of them have saved me from temptations and devils that always try to take me over again. It feels so refreshing waking up and knowing I have those friends to count on. Temptations and devils will always run across your life and although you may be strong enough to fight against them, having a support system is extremely helpful.

Also, I have started a new bond with someone that has been in my life for a couple months now, and things are going wonderfully in that department. I’ll keep that low-key for now. I can reveal this person is starting to become extremely important to me, and although they have been for a while, the importance has intensified because of the time we have spent getting to know each other. It’s honestly weird to like someone. I’m not use to it. I’ll post more about us later.

My family and I became closest when I began college in 2011 but more recently I have felt like I can open up to my parents about more topics that I was scared to discuss with them before. I feel like I can really understand these are the people that created me, raised me and shaped my entire character until I found out how to do it myself. I have also found myself keeping a close relationship with my brother and my cousin. Another time for me to be cliche, but if you are lucky to have siblings or cousins, keep a good relationship with me. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve called my brother when I was breaking down and he lifted me up. Same goes for my cousin. She really pulled me out of some bad times to.

Life is good. Relationships are key.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 8.23 PM #2
– Ambz



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