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Jeffree Star: My Opinon

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Okay, so I am a couple months behind on this Jeffree Star situation. Before I start my post, I’m going to say a disclaimer: I, just like everyone else in the world, am entitled to my own opinion. I can say what I think and even if you don’t agree that is fine, but I will not be disrespected for who I am as a person. Not everyone will agree with this post, and that is perfectly fine. I just wanted to share MY thoughts and MY opinion.

Myspace is where I first found out about Jeffree in the year 2006. I remember being so intrigued my someone who was genuinely proud of being an outcast. Hollywood Undead was one of my favorite bands and I was super excited when they collaborated on a song together. Jeffree’s profile made me so happy. I remember logging on and wanting to see his new posts and pictures. I felt like he was my friend…it was refreshing to see someone who was themselves and was proud of it. Unlike Jeffree, I was not comfortable in my own skin. I felt alone a lot, and was bullied by my peers for liking ‘weird things’.

As opposed to a lot of others in my school, I loved alternative music. That made me weird. Me having winged eyeliner (way to much at the time) made me weird. Me teasing my hair and wanting coon tails made me weird. I was just being myself and I was bullied because of me being me.

I may sound like I am getting sidetracked, but to touch back to Jeffree, he really made a difference in my life because I felt like he was the epitome of confidence I wish I had.

After I survived high school (barely hanging on, really uncomfortable with my skin..) I started college and “grew” into myself in 2011. Jeffree went MIA for while but I still always liked his social media platform and appreciated his albums.

Fast forward to 2015 – My best friend calls me and tells me Jeffree is coming to Austin, Texas for beauty classes. I’m SO down, I was super stoked! I even put color in my hair and practiced my makeup over and over again because I wanted to look great for  him. I looked up to him, he was an idol and was an icon in my eyes….He STILL is.

Meeting him and attending his beauty class was AMAZING…he was so down to earth and sweet. He let us ask him questions about everything we wanted to know. Emerald and I got there super early and we were the first two girls in line! I was so excited to see him. We ran to the front so we could be up close and personal with him.

Months pass and I see a blowup on social media about him being  bully…I’m annoyed with everyone. You all dissing him act as if you have never said anything bad about anyone in your life. Living in the spot light is different then the reality we live in. People pulling tweets left and right from 2007,2008,2009….It is 2016. I realize what he said was not ok and I won’t ever justify what he said…but he owned up and apologized.

None of you are saints. None of you are pure 110%. Shame on all of you for bullying him for OLD actions that clearly do NOT reflect who he is as a person now.

As a fan of his, I was disappointed, but forgiving. I am not a saint and have said some things I should not have. I know Jeffree is NOT a racist. There were people of color at his beauty class and nobody was treated differently. I am a mixed person and a woman or color and never felt like Jeffree looked at me differently.

I was disappointed in Kat Von D for dragging Jeffree under the bus. I understand her not agreeing with things he said…but seriously. How professional for you to put a picture of him with a NO symbol on YOUR instagram..knowing you have MILLIONS of followers….thinking nothing would come out of it…Childish.

I love Jeffree Star and will continue to support his brand. I know he is a wonderful person. I have to thank him for letting myself out of my shell for years. I wish I could give him the most proper thank yous, but I know my support and love will suffice.




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