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Standing Your Ground.

You are sacred. Not only you, but your ground. Why wouldn’t you stand your ground? Own it. Own the ground you walk on and don’t let anyone walk over you.

I had to stand my ground this weekend. I hate the way that sentence is written, using the words “had to”. Standing my ground should never be a burden and it has been for me in the past. However, this is another thing I am overcoming as I grow into the woman I know I am.

Standing your ground can mean several different things. Whether is be denying a call when you meant it when you said you would ignore someone, whether it be asking for the correct change back at a store, or whether it be not taking someone’s bullshit when they lied to your face.

Got you on that last once, eh?

If not taking someone’s bullshit makes me a hardass, sign me up. A quote that plays in my head several times a day: “You can’t bullshit a bullshitter.”

Personally, I enjoy confrontation. I should have went to school for law, but I would take it to personal and wouldn’t be able to keep a career intact. That’s okay, I take things personal when I argue. I love discussion and I love arguments. I had posted something on Instagram about Latina’s enjoying arguing and I am very guilty of this. At least I admit it.

I’m not going to slander anyone’s name, this blog is for me and nobody else, but I will give a small back story to how I stood my ground this weekend. In a very large nutshell, I basically ripped this person apart. There are several different ways to stand your ground, and I let this person really have it. Could I have handled things differently and not said things? Absolutely. Could I have just ignored the text messages and snapchat messages that upset me? Of course. Do I wish I stood my ground a different way? Absolutely not.

I don’t regret anything I said because all of it was true, I didn’t deny my mistakes, but I also didn’t harbor my successes in this situation and effort to fix things.

I make lots of promises to myself when milestones like this occur, when someone leaves my life on my terms, or theirs. In this case, it was both. But no matter how chaotic this situation is, past situations were, and future situations will be, I’ll spring up no matter what. I don’t feel like I need to ‘win’ to come out on top.

I’m in control of my actions and reactions, and will come out on top no matter what. Block the negativity and bring in the blessings.


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