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Airport Vibes

I’m currently sitting at the Airport waiting for my flight. I got here extremely early because one of my worst nightmares is arriving late, my bag being overweight, my carry-on setting on fire, or anything else that can possibly go wrong at the airport.

So basically I’m 3 hours early and I’m already at the gate. Since it’s Saturday morning, I guess not many people are flying today because I went through TSA super quickly. (Also, being part of the pre-check is pretty cool since I don’t have to take my nikes off).

I wish that I had a direct flight back to Augusta, but since Augusta is so small, the only flights that come in from there are from Charlotte, NC or Atlanta. So my breakdown is SAT – CLT – AGS.

A funny story when I was booking my flight was that I almost booked the wrong Augusta…it wasn’t funny then but it it is now. I kept wondering why it was so expensive to fly back to Texas. It was over $1200 and I didn’t know why. I had to use a program for work to book my flight, but I even checked other sites to see what the issue was. After I selected a flight to create a shell for my reservation. I saw that I had a layover in Chicago, and one in Boston. WTF? How am I going to go UP from Georgia, then back down to Texas?!

Turns out there is an “Augusta, Maine”……glad I reread my reservation before booking it or that would have been a nightmare.

Why is airport food so damn expensive? I just spent $15 for lunch, it was half a sandwich and chips…who do they think I am, Beyonce? Because unfortunately, I’m not Beyonce. I don’t have money to throw around in the airport on a mediocre O’Charley’s sub and half a bag of air with 7 chips.

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Ok Bye!

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