Going through a rut.

To be completely candid, the title is exactly what I’m dealing with. I have had a massive writer’s “block”, and I’m currently publishing this off my iPhone. I haven’t been eating well, I haven’t been to the gym, and my anxiety has been out of scope.

Dating has been messing with my mental health. Not a man-hater or anything, but I can say dating has taken a toll on my mental health. Instead of taking care of me, I find myself using dating to fill voids. Voids of Texas. Voids of Family. Voids of Faith.

I’m glad I have recognized this early. I decided to get a gym membership and because it’s something I have to pay for, I’ll be more prone to hold myself accountable and get my ass in gear. I need to go back to planning out my meals.

My months have been extremely busy, but I need to take my time in investing in my mental health.

I’m not saying I’m taking a break, I’m saying I’m going to refocus my priorities and put my mental health and physical health first.

I’ll be at the gym tonight!


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