5 Things I learned in 2015

Yes, I understand this post is about a month late. Oops…I guess I just wanted to secure my thoughts in January of what I learned this past year. There is my excuse for the late post. Take it or leave it. Or click the red X button in the top left corner of the screen. No please don’t, I enjoy your company.

Kind of.

Jk, Love you. Here we go, 5 things I learned in 2015.

1. Make sure you take care of yourself.
I stayed single all of 2015 and I think that really taught me to sit back and make sure all my ducks are in a row before trying to fix someone else’s ducks. My ducks are usually everywhere and I kind of like it that way, but sometimes I really need things to be a certain order. I got my school all arranged to start taking classes on campus this semester (ONLY 9 CLASSES LEFT TILL I GRADUATE HOLLA!!!), I quit my job of 5 years (It was a bittersweet feeling), 8 days after my last day at the restaurant, I landed a Media/Web based job that I use my skills I’m learning in college in real-life and I finally am at a healthy weight! I feel like I really tried to step back and make sure I was okay and not focus on the negative and really focus on the positive. Also if you’re reading this, drink water. Hydrate yourself Gina.

2. Focus on the positive things in life.
Someone will always have it ‘better’ than you do but someone will also have it worse than you. The reason I put better into quotations is I feel like the word better is based of perspective. Someone may be richer then you money wise, but poorer then you when it comes to self-love and relationships. I realize there are people that are richer than me in U.S. currency, and their bank account surpasses mine, but with my relationships with my friends and family make me extremely rich and blessed. Thinking about this makes me focus on the positives in life.

3. Good things fall apart, for better things to come together.
We’ve all been in that situation that we think “This is it, this is the person I am supposed to be, by God’s grace they can do no wrong…” and then they do you wrong. This thing that I learned can be used in several different aspects, such as getting laid off from a job or breaking off a relationship (romantic or nonromantic) that you thought was going to last your entire lifetime. Now I used this in many different aspects in 2015. My ex and I broke up in November of 2014 and I continued to be sad in 2015. He was my first ‘relationship’ in about 2 years, so of course I was devastated when he dumped me, even though he had cheated on me throughout the entire course. I realized after being sad and bringing it into 2015 I did not want to start the new year out that way. I met so many wonderful people in 2015 and even though I didn’t come into a better relationship (yet), I still did many things I would not have done if I was still with this person.

4. Stand up for yourself.
Ahhh, back to my good ol’ ex-boyfriend. Most of my ex-boyfriends treated my shitty, but it was half my fault because I put up with it. Through out 2015 he harassed me and would try to start drama, liking all my instagram photos and trying to talk to people that would comment on my stuff. He’d call me from blocked numbers and text me from apps. Just talking crap. I finally stood up for myself, told him off and to back the hell up, or I’d get some seriousness involved. I stood up for myself and didn’t listen to me when he told me I wasn’t worth shit. This guy literally put me through a heartbreak and made me feel like I was nothing even though he was the one who had cheated on me.

5. Don’t knock someone down to rise yourself higher
I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum on this one. I don’t know which one sucks more, the fact that I stepped on other people to “rise” above. I put quotations around the word rise because I never rose higher by doing such thing. When I was knocked down so someone else could go higher, it made me feel inhumane. Like I was some sort of object. Nothing good ever comes from either sides. It is one thing to distance yourself from someone bringing you down and from knocking them down. It is perfectly ok to take yourself away from people that are full of negativity.
This year was definitely a game-changer. I know it sounds cliche, and me saying it’s cliche, sounds cliche, but whatever. (Points if you know who said that in one of my favorite shows ever*) I feel likeI really kicked ass in a lot of things this year, I accomplished a lot and had many new experiences and opportunities. Everyone has a past and everyone has a future. In all reality it is up to you to change what you need to change to get it together. Sometimes you’re already on your way to the right path and sometimes you are so far away from it. I have been in both places and it is a wonderful feeling to finally feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing in my life. I went through many ups and downs in ’15, just like everyone. However my highs were extremely high, and even though I had some lows, the highs made up for it.

There you have it. 5 things I learned in 2015. There are many other things I learned but I thought 5 would be a great number.

Love you



Why I love Makeup

I know what you are thinking after my title…Oh great, another post about yet another female being makeup obsessed, nothing new here *yawn*. But before you shy away from this post, I thought I would make it clear why I enjoy makeup products. I enjoy buying, swatching, using and playing with makeup. It’s fun to me.

The way society is shaped today has created a stereotype of females needing makeup to walk out of the house. I, along with many other females I know, have no trouble stepping out of the house with nothing but our skin on. If I’m going to HEB or Target to pick up some groceries 15 minutes from my house, I don’t feel the need to get a full face on. However, there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup to the grocery store. (For you non-texans, HEB is like a Kroger or Publix). I go in there and see females dolled up all the time, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

When I don’t wear makeup, I look different. That is a no brainer, and you would think that it would be an easy concept but many people ask me if I’m sick when I simply have a naked face. I don’t really take offense to this, because the naturalness of my freckles and dark circles show.

When I do wear makeup, I look different. Obvs. People don’t understand that I genuinely enjoy these products. I don’t need them to feel beautiful. Nobody specifically needs any material items. (Besides food, water and shelter of course). I am perfectly okay with putting up pictures of me on social media without any makeup on. I use to have a problem with it, but my confidence has grown to an extreme high, especially after I graduated high school. 8 am classes in college are no time for winged liner and false eyelashes everyday. That gets old real quick, really really quick. (Drake Voice*)

I love makeup because you can be creative. You can wear blue lipstick and orange eyeliner with green eyeshadow and a red blush. You can wear really big wings or you can pile lashes on lashes. It’s all fun to me. I know I am beautiful without products and material items of makeup. My goal is to make other people feel the same way that I do. That makeup should be enjoyable and fun, and not a dreadful process to put on just so you feel acceptable.

Recently, I did a photoshoot with a friend and I went natural for my first outfit which was swimwear. I will be sharing pics of my NATURAL face for you loves. I hope you all enjoy and feel confident. Love the skin you are in! Wear makeup freely and have fun with it! Don’t let society control what you are supposed to look like. You are all beautiful, and I know that sounds super cliche and weird because I don’t know all of my followers individually, but I guarantee you are all beautiful in your own way.   

 I hope this post inspires you to be okay with going natural. I hope you are inspired to wear blue lipstick. I hope you are inspired to feel confident in your skin and nothing else. I hope you are inspired one way or another and I hope you are inspired to feel confident 24/7.

I love you,

I’m back! and BLONDE!


First let me say I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I AM SORRY I have been on almost a year hiatus. I’ve gone through a lot of personal issues that have kept me away from blogging and posting. It makes me really upset. I’ve had a hell of an end to 2014, but 2015 is already halfway over! I’m doing my best to make the most of it. I went through a loss of a friend, relationship and a loss of focus.

I am back and better then ever! I promise to be updating more frequently. I miss you guys! I promise videos to come, I’m still in the process of getting new equipment. That shtufff spensiveeee!!!

I also got selected to be a model in a hairshow! My modeling career has taken off this year. I’m really happy. If you are in the San Antonio area, please let me know so I can show you the link to buy tickets! It’s a showcase for RAW and there will be lots of makeup artist and hair artists present. A great networking opportunity. 😉





P.S. I’m BLONDE now! What do y’all think?


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xo, Ambz