REVOLUTION – Makeup Revolution London Review/Swatch


It has been a while since I posted, I apologize! It has been a crazy couple of months. This semester I have been paying for college by myself, along with my other bills it’s been piling up on me. I want to start my videos again soon, I’m just in a bit of a financial crutch. I will hopefully be able to start my videos again starting in 2016.

I bought a couple things at Ulta, but I was really excited to find these for you guys. I’ve heard a couple things about the Revolution London brand on YouTube, so I thought I would give these a shot!

‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’ is an salvation eyeshadow palette with 18 colors. 6 matte, 12 shimmer shades in this baby. Let’s see the swatches. I also love the packaging. Super hot!


A lot of these shades remind me of my Naked palette (the first one) from Urban Decay. I always love nude and brown shadows since that is what I usually do every day. The shimmering ones didn’t look to pigmented on my skin, but I think with a primer they will show up better when I wear them in a look.

IMG_6751 IMG_6752

Here are the matte swatches which are the bottom six shades and circular shaped pans in the palette. These shades remind me of the Naked Palette from Urban Decay.


Love the way these look. I wore the palette today, and with a primer they show up so much better!!! You get a lot of product and each color is very pigmented…WITH a primer.

I also picked up the blush palette.


These are so so so so so so beautiful. SO….beautiful. These blushes have 5 matte blushes, 2 baked and 1 shimmer. Some of these blushes could also be used as a contour since my complexion is pretty pale, so I might try that out! Here are my swatches.


I swatched these in the same order of the palette, with the baked blushes. I love all these 🙂

These palettes were only 10$ each at Ulta, definitely a YES and a high recommend. I hope you guys pick these up if you like the swatches. I used both of these today and nothing sweated off or anything 🙂 Fantastic products! More reviews on the way ❤

xo, Ambz

OOTD – SummerTime Vibe <3

Quick, Cheap, Easy and cute summer look with two items.

Texas has intense heat… 100 degree weather on repeat 24/7. It stays this way between the summers of April until November. We get a small “winter” which is about 2 weeks, MAYBE 3. You probably think I am crazy for wearing these pants during this time, but these are flowy and so so so so comfortable. During these hot months, comfort is everything. I can almost guarantee you will be sweating if you set foot outside, and unless you are a hermit crab and don’t leave your house, you need to be cautious what you wear!

I have 3 pairs of what people call ‘genie’ pants. They’re flowy almost everywhere, with a tight waistband at your hips. You can wear them as high or low as you want. With crop tops, I wear these higher. Viceversa when I wear longer shirts. I purchased these from Target for $19.99.
FullSizeRender (1) IMG_5250 Close Up of patternThe tank top is a simple blue tank from Forever 21. I have a million of these! They are cotton and super comfortable and light. Definitely a staple to have in your closet ! Forever 21 has plenty of colors available for your choosing. They are only $1.90.

The pants aren’t see through, but they are thin, so watch what type of underwear you choose to wear underneath them. Like I said, they are flowy almost every wear but they do cling to your booty area! So try them on and see how you like the fit before you purchase them. They also have pockets!!!!!! I’m sorry but I’m a sucker for pockets. I love dresses with pockets and when I found out these have pockets I was so excited. Since these are thin, don’t go carrying your whole life in your pocket, stick to your purse of clutch on this one, and use your pockets for small items such as your keys or lip color.

I hope you all like this look and grab yourself some genie pants!

Ambz ❤

P.S. Who’s liking the new domain name? . com is in full effect 😉

Jeffree Star Lipstick Swatches and Review

Hello loves!!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jeffree Star. I discovered him on myspace in 2006. His music was INSANE and I loved it. He recently launched his lipsticks last Fall. He has more makeup coming out this year. I met him in April of this year and was just amazed by him. Emerald and I attended a makeup class and learned how to do a certain makeup look. He is so humble! He was extremely down to earth and sweet! We could ask plenty of questions and we got a free lipstick!

I currently have 3 of his liquid lipsticks, there are currently 13 out and available online. All of them are 100% Vegan and Cruelty free! They are only 18$ each, shipping from what I remember is around 4-6$, and I got the lipsticks within a week! I made a list of Pros/Cons.

Long Lasting
Highly Pigmented
True Color
Vegan and Cruelty Free
Multiple uses (lipstick and eyeliner)
Dries Matte

Hard to remove (kind of a good thing)

To remove them, I literally had to SCRUB them off my lips with a mix of soap and water, makeup remover, AND coconut oil. It’s kind of a good thing, because I ate with these lipsticks (avoid oily foods though) and they were fine! Jeffree also says they are kiss proof too 😉 xo


From top to bottom, I swatched the three lipsticks: I’m royalty, Prom Night and Abused. The picture on the left is with flash, the one on the right is without.

I know these lipsticks are bright and bold, but anyone can really rock the color. It doesn’t matter if you are light or dark, they will look good on anyone! I remember asking Jeffree a question on what looks good on who, and if certain colors look better on certain people. He told all of us in the class that we can rock anything we want to because we can do what we want. He said not to care what others think and their opinion is irrelevant.

I plan on getting a couple more of his lipsticks and can’t wait till his new other products come out! I know I’ll be reviewing more as I purchase them:} I’ll also be posting more pics of me wearing these lipsticks!


Hair essentials for Summer

Hiiiiiiiii –

It’s summer and I live in central Texas, It gets hot, humid and literally hellish. I have naturally wavy hair, so maintaining it can be quite a pain. Everyone knows putting heat on your hair is bad for you. During the summer time, it’s pretty much pointless to straighten your hair because it’ll frizz up due to humidity.

My holy grail of all summer hair items has come down to Sea Salt spray. Sea salt spray refreshes your hair and helps it stay controlled during the humidity. I spray it all over my hair and then scrunch the ends.

I use two different kinds of spray, the Marc Anthony Dream Waves spray and the Moroccan Sea Salt spray.

The March Anthony spray smells like coconut and the Moroccan Sea spray smells like fruit! There is no need to add any other product to your hair after using these items. The sprays are ideal for all hair types and lengths.

Let me know if y’all end up using these, they are both failry cheap and can be find at online or instore at Ulta. I haven’t checked but they might be at Walmart or HEB aswell.

dream-waves-beach-spray2 seasaltspray

DreamWaves: $8.99
MoroccanSeaSalt: $7.99

xo, AMBZ

I’m back! and BLONDE!


First let me say I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I AM SORRY I have been on almost a year hiatus. I’ve gone through a lot of personal issues that have kept me away from blogging and posting. It makes me really upset. I’ve had a hell of an end to 2014, but 2015 is already halfway over! I’m doing my best to make the most of it. I went through a loss of a friend, relationship and a loss of focus.

I am back and better then ever! I promise to be updating more frequently. I miss you guys! I promise videos to come, I’m still in the process of getting new equipment. That shtufff spensiveeee!!!

I also got selected to be a model in a hairshow! My modeling career has taken off this year. I’m really happy. If you are in the San Antonio area, please let me know so I can show you the link to buy tickets! It’s a showcase for RAW and there will be lots of makeup artist and hair artists present. A great networking opportunity. 😉





P.S. I’m BLONDE now! What do y’all think?

June Ipsy Bag♡

IPSY is one of the greatest inventions known to man…er, woman. For those of you who don’t know what IPSY is, it’s a makeup subscription. For $10 a month, you get a reusable makeup bag filled with some makeup goodies! I’ve been subscribed to IPSY since April, and I haven’t been disappointed with anything that I have received! When you go to their website, you sign up easily and take simple surveys about your complexion, eye/hair color and your typical makeup routine. The bags come with sample sizes, and full sizes of makeup products for you to try! I’m always excited to get my bag in the mail. It always comes in a cute makeup pouch with a different theme each month. June’s theme was “Pretty in Paradise”

photo 2photo 1

My bag came with:
NYX Butter Gloss in “Apple Strudel” (Retail Value: $5) [FULL SIZE]
NICKA K NEW YORK Shimmer Eyeliner “BLUE” (Retail Value: $4.99) [FULL SIZE]
BE A BOMBSHELL “Lash Out” Mascara (Retail Value: $15) [FULL SIZE]
MARC ANTHONY “Dream Waves” Beach Hair Spray  (I couldn’t find the price) [TRIAL SIZE]

Total Savings: $14.99+ (Since I couldn’t find the HairSpray price)

I’m so excited to use everything I received this month!! With IPSY, You can cancel your subscription at anytime for no cost, and you can always change your setting to determine what kinds of items you receive in your bag. Did I mention free shipping?

MY IPSY LINK <- CLICK HERE if you would like to try IPSY! This link include my username so I can earn points with my bloggers, I would appreciate it if you used my username! The more points I get, the more looks I can do and share with y’all! (yay)