REVOLUTION – Makeup Revolution London Review/Swatch


It has been a while since I posted, I apologize! It has been a crazy couple of months. This semester I have been paying for college by myself, along with my other bills it’s been piling up on me. I want to start my videos again soon, I’m just in a bit of a financial crutch. I will hopefully be able to start my videos again starting in 2016.

I bought a couple things at Ulta, but I was really excited to find these for you guys. I’ve heard a couple things about the Revolution London brand on YouTube, so I thought I would give these a shot!

‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’ is an salvation eyeshadow palette with 18 colors. 6 matte, 12 shimmer shades in this baby. Let’s see the swatches. I also love the packaging. Super hot!


A lot of these shades remind me of my Naked palette (the first one) from Urban Decay. I always love nude and brown shadows since that is what I usually do every day. The shimmering ones didn’t look to pigmented on my skin, but I think with a primer they will show up better when I wear them in a look.

IMG_6751 IMG_6752

Here are the matte swatches which are the bottom six shades and circular shaped pans in the palette. These shades remind me of the Naked Palette from Urban Decay.


Love the way these look. I wore the palette today, and with a primer they show up so much better!!! You get a lot of product and each color is very pigmented…WITH a primer.

I also picked up the blush palette.


These are so so so so so so beautiful. SO….beautiful. These blushes have 5 matte blushes, 2 baked and 1 shimmer. Some of these blushes could also be used as a contour since my complexion is pretty pale, so I might try that out! Here are my swatches.


I swatched these in the same order of the palette, with the baked blushes. I love all these 🙂

These palettes were only 10$ each at Ulta, definitely a YES and a high recommend. I hope you guys pick these up if you like the swatches. I used both of these today and nothing sweated off or anything 🙂 Fantastic products! More reviews on the way ❤

xo, Ambz

Why I love Makeup

I know what you are thinking after my title…Oh great, another post about yet another female being makeup obsessed, nothing new here *yawn*. But before you shy away from this post, I thought I would make it clear why I enjoy makeup products. I enjoy buying, swatching, using and playing with makeup. It’s fun to me.

The way society is shaped today has created a stereotype of females needing makeup to walk out of the house. I, along with many other females I know, have no trouble stepping out of the house with nothing but our skin on. If I’m going to HEB or Target to pick up some groceries 15 minutes from my house, I don’t feel the need to get a full face on. However, there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup to the grocery store. (For you non-texans, HEB is like a Kroger or Publix). I go in there and see females dolled up all the time, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

When I don’t wear makeup, I look different. That is a no brainer, and you would think that it would be an easy concept but many people ask me if I’m sick when I simply have a naked face. I don’t really take offense to this, because the naturalness of my freckles and dark circles show.

When I do wear makeup, I look different. Obvs. People don’t understand that I genuinely enjoy these products. I don’t need them to feel beautiful. Nobody specifically needs any material items. (Besides food, water and shelter of course). I am perfectly okay with putting up pictures of me on social media without any makeup on. I use to have a problem with it, but my confidence has grown to an extreme high, especially after I graduated high school. 8 am classes in college are no time for winged liner and false eyelashes everyday. That gets old real quick, really really quick. (Drake Voice*)

I love makeup because you can be creative. You can wear blue lipstick and orange eyeliner with green eyeshadow and a red blush. You can wear really big wings or you can pile lashes on lashes. It’s all fun to me. I know I am beautiful without products and material items of makeup. My goal is to make other people feel the same way that I do. That makeup should be enjoyable and fun, and not a dreadful process to put on just so you feel acceptable.

Recently, I did a photoshoot with a friend and I went natural for my first outfit which was swimwear. I will be sharing pics of my NATURAL face for you loves. I hope you all enjoy and feel confident. Love the skin you are in! Wear makeup freely and have fun with it! Don’t let society control what you are supposed to look like. You are all beautiful, and I know that sounds super cliche and weird because I don’t know all of my followers individually, but I guarantee you are all beautiful in your own way.   

 I hope this post inspires you to be okay with going natural. I hope you are inspired to wear blue lipstick. I hope you are inspired to feel confident in your skin and nothing else. I hope you are inspired one way or another and I hope you are inspired to feel confident 24/7.

I love you,

Jeffree Star Lipstick Swatches and Review

Hello loves!!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jeffree Star. I discovered him on myspace in 2006. His music was INSANE and I loved it. He recently launched his lipsticks last Fall. He has more makeup coming out this year. I met him in April of this year and was just amazed by him. Emerald and I attended a makeup class and learned how to do a certain makeup look. He is so humble! He was extremely down to earth and sweet! We could ask plenty of questions and we got a free lipstick!

I currently have 3 of his liquid lipsticks, there are currently 13 out and available online. All of them are 100% Vegan and Cruelty free! They are only 18$ each, shipping from what I remember is around 4-6$, and I got the lipsticks within a week! I made a list of Pros/Cons.

Long Lasting
Highly Pigmented
True Color
Vegan and Cruelty Free
Multiple uses (lipstick and eyeliner)
Dries Matte

Hard to remove (kind of a good thing)

To remove them, I literally had to SCRUB them off my lips with a mix of soap and water, makeup remover, AND coconut oil. It’s kind of a good thing, because I ate with these lipsticks (avoid oily foods though) and they were fine! Jeffree also says they are kiss proof too 😉 xo


From top to bottom, I swatched the three lipsticks: I’m royalty, Prom Night and Abused. The picture on the left is with flash, the one on the right is without.

I know these lipsticks are bright and bold, but anyone can really rock the color. It doesn’t matter if you are light or dark, they will look good on anyone! I remember asking Jeffree a question on what looks good on who, and if certain colors look better on certain people. He told all of us in the class that we can rock anything we want to because we can do what we want. He said not to care what others think and their opinion is irrelevant.

I plan on getting a couple more of his lipsticks and can’t wait till his new other products come out! I know I’ll be reviewing more as I purchase them:} I’ll also be posting more pics of me wearing these lipsticks!




It’s that time of the month again! Ipsy has sent me 5 products this month for me to try! I was super excited for this bag because Fall is beginning and I couldn’t wait to see what Ipsy had in store. If you already don’t know what Ipsy is, it’s a monthly makeup subscription. It is 10$ a month and you can cancel your subscription anytime! You take a beauty quiz and describe products you use/like, along with your skin tone and hair color. I’ve had Ipsy since March and I still love it! You get some full size and some trial size products. This month I received two full size products AND a double ended brush!!!!! If you would like to become an Ipsy member, please use my referral link by clicking HERE. I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

photo 1(1)photo 2(1)

Isn’t the bag so cute? Super soft material with a little rocker-type studs near the zipper. I will definitely be reusing this for travel! This month I received the following:

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask. (1 fl oz)
Pacifica 100% Vegan 7 Free Nail Color in red red wine. (FULL SIZE!)
Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in 08 love affair (FULL SIZE!)
Leeanni Eco 3 in 1 Revolution: Toner, Serum and Moisturizer (no size)
Crown Brush c476 Crease/Shadow double ended brush.

I’m very impressed with Ipsy this month. Good Job Ipsyiers.

I swatched the lip tint and nail polish. They will definitely compliment each other when worn together. Reds are always sexy, especially for fall! Can’t wait to try these on. I use to be very hesitant to try reds because I am very fair skinned, I have to be careful with what colors I wear. I’ve become more confident with wearing what I want. Lip products are my favorite and I don’t want to limit myself!
photo 5photo 4

Here is a closeup on the brush I received from Crown: It reminds me of the brush that comes with the Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay, but This brush is more dense and not as flexible. It’ll be great for crisp lines. Super ready to use this.
photo 3(1)


Videos coming soon! I also had a photoshoot earlier this week. I’ll be posting those pictures up also! I love you all and thank you all for your support! I am not the best beauty blogger/youtuber but I am trying to build my brand slowly but surely. Being a full time student and working full time drains me, but I love it. The dreams that I have will take hard work and I know I will get there…one day 🙂

xo, Ambz




Hey Y’all! I’m in Houston, Texas this weekend and I saw Beyoncè last night. (BEST HOURS OF MY LIFE). I’m stepping out tonight and wanted to share my makeup/outfit.

Since I’m going out tonight, I went for a black smokey eye using my Naked 1 Palette. I highlighted with the color SIN and used the black color GUNMETAL. Lined my eyes, and used 3 mascaras. First coat was BONTIFULL from Ulta, VOLUPTUOUS VOLUME also from Ulta. Lastly, I put on Benefit’s THEY’RE REAL. I created a green smokey area under my waterline, using a key lime color from my Coastal Scents 88 shimmer palette. My lips are HEROINE (one of my favs) from MAC. I used a good amount of bronzer lol from Benefit’s BONJOUR bronzing palette that I snagged at Ulta.


I love the color green, but I rarely have any of it in my closet! I fell in love with this top as soon as I saw it and I had a vision for this outfit. I made it happen. EVERYTHING was from Forever 21! Except my shoes were from Shasha. My leggings were $3.80, Top was $17.80, accessories were $10.00 total. My shoes were $26.50. I hope y’all enjoy!


♡ MOTD – Silver Smokey Eye ♡



Pulling a Kris Jenner and rocking a silver smokey eye during the day! I used UDPP (Urban Decay Potion primer) on my eyes first like always, and I used a silver and black eye shadow from my coastal scents matte palette. Lined my eyes with almay’s liquid liner. Decided not to do a cat eye because my focus was the eyeshadow. Mascara is doubled up with Ulta’s bountiFULL and Maybelle’s Mega Plush mascara. Lipstick is SNOB from MAC. (one of my newest faves). If y’all would like a tutorial on this look let me know!



♡ Current Summer Lippy Faves ♡


Lipstick is something that can really transform your makeup from nice to BADASS. Therefore, I swatched my favorite current lipsticks that I have been rocking this summer. I’ve been wearing different ones also, but these are the ones that I have been wearing the most. Summer tones are usually bright. When you think of summer you think of brights: hot pinks, reds, oranges, etc. Even though some of these are ‘cooler’ shades, I still rock them during this time. I think any lipstick can be worn year round. Pucker up y’all! 😉

photo (2)


Swatch 1: HOT PLUM 900 – Maybelline Vivids Collection. Purchased at Walgreens. {SHINY}
Swatch 2: JEFFREE – Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick Collection. Purchased at Sephora. {MATTE}
Swatch 3: HEROINE  – MAC Matte Lipstick. Purchased at MAC. {MATTE}
Swatch 4: PUNCH DRUNK – Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Color. Purchased at Ulta. {SHINY}
Swatch 5: FLIRTATIOUS – Revlon Colorburst Laquer. Purchased at Ulta.  {SHINY}